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School Psych Sound Bite

What does your daily life as a School Psychologist/graduate student look like? Does it sometimes feel absolutely frenetic? Do you feel like you are testing your sanity along with children’s cognitive abilities? Channel your creative genius to create a video depicting what School Psychology looks like in your life. 

The best video will be revealed at the fall convention and featured on the members’ only portion of our website.

Send your video submissions to no later than Monday, October 13 at 5 PM. 

If we cannot view your video on Windows Media Player, we will notify you. 

Fall Reading Challenge

Did you catch up on any great research articles this summer? Now that school is in session, do you find yourself purchasing or downloading some amazing apps to your iPhone that you think other practitioners would also find helpful?

Jot down the below points, and we will compile a working document of resources for all practitioners to draw from. 

The psychologist/graduate student who contributes the greatest amount of insight will be awarded some cutting-edge items for your School Psych tool kit at the fall conference. 

Information to include in your submission:

*submitter’s name, county, region

*name of book/article/app

*take away/summary

*what I will do differently tomorrow because of this resource...

*recommendations on implementation of said concepts

*any areas of concern/future development/criticism

Send your reading challenge submissions to no later than Monday, October 13 at 5 PM. 


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